Metropolitan St. Louis Association for Court Administration (MSLACA) is region one (1) for the Missouri Association for Court Administration.


Our Association is a not-for-profit Missouri organization. Members elect, every two (2) years a board consisting of a President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and five (5) Directors. The board also retains the services of the Immediate Past-President. In addition, the Association boasts numerous committees to encourage membership participation.


The membership of this association shall be open to any person who is actively engaged in a field related to court administration.

There are five (5) classes of membership:


Any person serving as clerk of the court, court administrator, or other recognized ttle or assistants tot he administrative title, may become an active member pon the payment of dues.  Active members may vote, hold office and serve on committees.


Associate membership may be granted to any person engaged in an allied field and related to the work of the court and its administration, upon the payment of dues.  A clerk serving his/her court or another court in a judicial or prosecutor role would be in the membership classification.  Associates members shall not hod office and shall not vote, but they may serve on a committee, in an advisory capacity, upon the approval of the majority of the Executive Board.


Any person in a field related to the judicial system whom the organization wishes to recognize for outstanding achievements may become a member in this class.  A person may be nominated for this class of membership by an active member of the association.  The names of proposed honorary members shall be presented to the Executive Board for screening.  Upon approval by the Executive Board, the slate of nominated individuals shall be presented to the membership at the membership meeting for voting purposes.  Honorary members may not vote, shall not hold office and shall not pay dues.  They may serve on committees, in an advisory capacity, upon the approval of the majority of the Executive Board.


Upon retirement from the judicial system, any active member in good standing is eligible for this class of membership upon the payment of annual dues.  Retired members may serve on a committee and may vote, but they shall not hold office.


A person who chooses to leave the court profession but wishes to maintain membership.  Inactive members may not vote, hold office or serve  any committees.