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Established March 28, 1977 in Overland Missouri by: Mary Lee Duncan, Ruth Hodapp, Donna Johnson, Jacque Menke and Ginney Young.

MSLACA is a judicial organization established to support and promote service in court administration in.  St. Louis City,  St. Louis County,  St. Charles County and Jefferson County though education and networking.


Every January in the odd numbered years the membership elects an executive board consisting of a President , Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The executive board and  five (5) directors appointed by the President, serve a two (2) year term. 

Taking Notes

About MSLACA Meetings

Meetings are held throughout the year and hosted at locations volunteered by any organization member. Each meeting provides educational and networking opportunities. Educational opportunities may include topic such as rules updates, legislative updates, procedural training, and task specific training.


All membership meetings are open to non-membership if the attendee is in affiliation with a city and / or municipality. Members may claim 1/2 a credit hour towards their Court Administrator Certification through Missouri Association for Court Administration (MACA) for each meeting attended.


The cost to attend meetings as a member is $20.00 per meeting and $25.00 as a non-member. Dues are paid annually on or before the January meeting. Active Membership- $50.00, Associate Membership- $50.00, Retired Membership- $10.00. 

Membership Classifications

Membership Classifications are as follows: 


Active – Any person serving as clerk of the court or in an assistant or deputy roles to the clerk of the court. Active members are voting members, may hold office, and are eligible to apply for a scholarship to attend the MACA Annual Conference.


Associate – Any person engaged in a field related to the administration of the court such as a prosecutor or police clerk. These members can not vote and may not hold office but they may serve on committees.

Retired – Reserved for active members upon retirement from the judicial system. Retired members may serve on committees and vote but may not hold office. 

View of Saint Louis, Missouri with court house where Dred Scott sued to obtain his freedom
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